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We are back on-line!

Fri, 22 March 2024 16:07

OraFAQ is back after an extended outage due to our hosting company having problems in their Strasbourg Data Center in France.
Here are the updates we received:

21.03.2024 UPDATE:

We are currently experiencing an infrastructure incident in our Strasbourg DC.

There was a water leakage in one of the rooms where batteries are located.

This affected the located batteries in this room which forced the DC to turn off the power of the room where your server or part of our network infrastructure is located in.
We are currently waiting for green light to activate the power in that room again.

Your server is NOT affected by any water damage but might be powered off.

As next step, electrical specialists evaluate if and how the electrical infrastructure can be restored and power switched back on.
This external vendor is working during the night on this.

Due to the complexity of this damaged UPS system, we no longer expect that our services can be restored today.
We cannot provide a concrete ETA information.

We assure you that our team is working diligently to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

We understand the inconvenience this have caused, and we sincerely apologize for any disruption to your services.

22.03.2024 UPDATE:

We've gained access to the datacenter premises after receiving approval from our datacenter provider and local authorities, ensuring that the environment is now safe for our team to begin restoration efforts.

22.03.2024 UPDATE 2:

We are currently in the process of bringing the main routers back online, which will allow servers unaffected by the power outage to become reachable again. We're pleased to report that many servers that were affected have already been restored.

Our teams are diligently working on bringing all internal and external systems back up and running. Although we do not have an estimated time for full restoration at the moment, we anticipate having more updates for you tomorrow.

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Future of

Sun, 06 August 2023 05:47

This site is a complicated mix of different software stacks, including a forum, content management system and a wiki.
Unfortunately, this is becoming too troublesome to manage, and the visitor numbers are dwindling, which makes it necessary
to simplify and consolidate the site into fewer components.

To start this process, a new forum called News & Blogs was created, which can also be accessed from the top menu. Replies to
blog posts will be rendered as comments.


Users are requested to please move all their blog posts to this forum. This section will (within a couple of months)
become the new home page of OraFAQ.

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